AO Foundation Partners with OBERD to Launch AO Global Data


AO Foundation, OBERD launch AO Global Data to transform patient-reported outcomes collection

COLUMBIA, Mo., August 11, 2020 / PRNewswire / -- The AO Foundation and OBERD have successfully launched AO Global Data: a novel, multinational patient centric database

This new collaboration created by the AO and global patient outcomes collection leader OBERD is truly a one-of-a-kind platform, and AO members can receive discounts of up to 50 percent with subsidies for the first 1,000 to apply.

At launch, already the world’s largest orthopedic outcomes database, containing over a billion data points, AO Global Data will be enriched with documentation and reporting for fracture care. In one location, both clinicians and researchers will be able to see outcomes correlated with information from the AO Surgery Reference.

Doctors, clinics, and hospitals will benefit from an ability to compare their performance against a global repository, determine indicators for patient improvement or poor outcomes, improve workflow, conduct multinational research, deliver data-driven marketing and leverage data for reimbursement.

With a global digital transformation underway, AO Global Data transcends the traditional registries that have become a mainstay of organized medical data collection. It brings together advancements in computer science, including Computerized AdaptiveTesting (CAT), machine learning and artificial intelligence, with the authority, leadership, and integrity of the AO to bridge different needs and outlooks of researchers and clinicians.

AO Global Data drives:

Measurement: Standardized forms and data elements structure patient information, allowing comparison to your past experience, national experience, and world experience.

Planning: Predictive modeling adds a new dimension to informed consent, setting patient expectations, refining risk assessment, and leveraging a collective experience to refine best practices.

Evidence Based Treatment: Factoring in historical trends, implant performance, co-morbidities, and outcomes to foster technique advancements.

Remote Monitoring: Track your patient over time with alerts for potential adverse events.

Data Security: This platform is HITRUST CSF® certified meeting the most stringent levels of security. The HITRUST CSF leverages nationally and internationally accepted standards and regulations such as GDPR, ISO, NIST, PCI, FFIEC, FTC and HIPAA to ensure a comprehensive set of security and privacy controls.

AO Trauma members from North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and South America, will be the first to enjoy the many benefits of AO Global Data, the platform will be further rolled out globally in phases.

"AO Global Data offers the AO community a chance to be part of a truly innovative approach to gathering patient insights that will drive further improvements to patient care." AO Foundation President Robert McGuire

“OBERD is proud to partner with an organization possessing the insight to utilize advanced technology in the service of doctors and patients on a daily basis empowering patient participation in their own personal outcomes and the global medical progress" Ali Hussam, PhD, CEO and Co-Founder of OBERD.

For further information please contact: Steve Garner, Chief Commercial Officer, OBERD, at 973.202.5822 or Sian Glaessner, Communications and Events, AO Foundation, at +41 81 414 28 44.

About the AO Foundation The AO Foundation is a medically-guided, not-for-profit organization led by an international group of surgeons specialized in the treatment of trauma and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Founded in 1958 by 13 visionary surgeons, the AO today has a global network of over 215,000 medical professionals, united by one mission: promoting excellence in patient care and outcomes in trauma and musculoskeletal disorders.

About OBERD OBERD (a.k.a. Universal Research Solutions, LLC) owns, develops, implements and supports outcomes and clinical data collection software systems. OBERD optimizes the data collection necessary to empower evidence-based medical practice, improve the quality and efficacy of care, and advance clinical decision-making and patient understanding. OBERD has been collecting patient outcomes data in orthopedics for over 10 years, with over 4 million active patients and 1 billion data points. It includes QCDR, with CMS-approved measures specific to orthopedics. For more information, visit or follow the company on Twitter @oberdnews and LinkedIn.

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