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Shoulder Focused Data Collection Webinar

Learn how some of OBERD’s clients are using Shoulder Focused Data Collection to drive research, reduce inefficiencies, and provide data driven decisions for their business. In this webinar, we’ll be joined by two well known American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons who discuss how they’re using data to become leaders in the field.


Why Should I Collect Data?

“Why should I collect data?” is a question you may have asked vendors, colleagues and even yourself. There are plenty of reasons but ‘building community’ and ‘patient outreach’ may not have crossed your mind as two of the most compelling. We live in an age where people demand data and transparent reviews and recommendations prior to making a purchasing decision. Healthcare is no different.


MIPS 2020 Ruling Updates and Client Success Story

OBERD experts will cover CMS’s proposed 2020 changes to the Quality Payment Program and how they can impact specialty practices, such as orthopaedics. We will also highlight a client success story, detailing how Orthopedic Associates of Hartford successfully scored a 99.3/100 for MPS Quality in 2018 by adding quality measures to its existing digital intake forms.


Registry Reporting: AJRR and CJR

OBERD experts discuss data collection, preparation and submission for CJR and AJRR. We’ll cite client examples and discuss how PRO collection platforms play a key role in helping you collect and submit data for national registries.


AOSSM Preview: IKDC and ASES collection, provider ranking, and data utilization

We’re breaking new ground engaging patients to collect PROs for common sports-related injuries. Join our July 8th webinar as a ramp-up to the AOSSM conference, to learn how sports medicine physicians can efficiently collect and rank their performance against individual providers and practices for the IKDC and ASES PROMs.


Data-Driven Marketing: Acquiring New Patients

Join Heather Lang, VP of Marketing at Twin Cities Orthopedics and Rachel Uzlik, VP of Quality (REVO Health) as they share data-driven strategies and practical approaches to grow your practice.


Increasing PRO Survey Capture Rate with Reduced Patient Burden

OBERD and Geisinger Health present new Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) data collection technology that is proven to increase PRO data capture rates by reducing patients’ completion time.


Increasing PRO and Patient Satisfaction Data Collection Efficiency

Collect and Use Patient Data Efficiently to Drive Practice and Research Success


Use Your PRO Data to Improve Practice Performance

Join us for a special OBERD client webinar to understand how to create and modify custom reports.


Use Data to Grow and Improve Your Practice, Hosted by Troy Simonson, CEO of Twin Cities Orthopedics

Join Troy Simonson, nationally recognized CEO of Twin Cities Orthopedics, to learn proven, data-driven ways to increase your practice's growth and equity.


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