Optimize your patient outcomes — and your practice — with OBERD.

OBERD is the leading patient intelligence software that captures and measures patient-reported outcomes across every touchpoint, providing the ultimate feedback loop. Transform patient feedback and objective clinical data into smart insights to elevate your practice and optimize patient outcomes — with OBERD.

With clinically objective data from OBERD you can:

  • Catch complications early
  • Show patients their recovery and track improvements
  • Improve practice marketing
  • Optimize payer negotiations
  • Collect valuable feedback at every patient touchpoint

What makes us different?

OBERD has developed proprietary elements to improve ease of use and compliance in data gathering and reporting.

Computer Adaptive Testing

Computer Adaptive Testing

OBERD’s computer-adaptive tests provide highly accurate outcomes measurement with fewer questions asked to the patient. In addition to all PROMIS forms, OBERD has IKDC, FAAM, HOOS/KOOS and all recommended AAOS forms.

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The OBERD framework provides sophistication in an easy to use format for studies, multi-center registries and clinical trials to connect collaborators around the world.

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Evidence-based Reporting

Evidence-based Reporting

On-demand exports, pushed reports, and custom queries give you the ability to measure, evaluate, and improve the care you provide.

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Patient Wellness

Patient Wellness

Interactive content, specific to the patients’ procedure, educates, prepares and reminds patients when they need it most, notifying providers with vital information directly from their patients.

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Elevate your practice with OBERD

Dr. Hamann used OBERD to collect patient-reported outcomes data on all surgical patients and utilized it to optimize his practice.

Learn why its the leading PROMs platform

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Simplified PROMs Data from OBERD helped Twin Cities Orthopedics to:

  • Increase new patient visits by 14% (per physician)
  • Grow its commercial bundles from 300 to 1300
  • Collect and analyze over 380,000+ simplified OBERD PROMs forms

Watch the webinar to learn how Twin Cities Orthopedics used OBERD to lead its market

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