OBERD is a software innovation company focused on bettering healthcare outcomes through data acquisition across a variety of metrics, real-time reporting, automation and patient engagement that empowers a comprehensive feedback loop. End-user experience - via human-computer interaction, expertise, universal design principles and top technical performance - is the centerpiece of our multi-dimensional and integrated suite of services. Founded by a team at the University of Missouri in 2010, OBERD is firmly rooted in science and tools to elevate your practice by meeting a versatile range of objectives – from substantiating payer negotiations and marketing to optimizing patient communication and research.

The Outcomes Based Electronic Research Database (OBERD) platform initially aimed to streamline Patient Reported Outcome Measure (PROM) capture and reduce related burdens surrounding multi-center study implementation and analysis. OBERD remained nimble to conform PROMs - alongside electronic intakes, consents, patient education, patient satisfaction and customizable data points - as standard of care in order to obtain provider and organization-specific insights necessary to manage performance goals. Thanks to our skilled and dedicated staff, OBERD has become the ultimate end-to-end Software as a Service (SaaS) system for practice improvement and outcomes investigation. Some utilities beyond the most common include care pathways, wearables and MIPS modules.

The OBERD vehicle enables every patient touchpoint to become immediately useful information that can be leveraged later – all without workflow disruptions. Our latest advancements include proprietary AI enhanced computer adaptive testing (CAT) methodology and robust benchmarking features. As demonstrated by 44 patents, our innovation is established on providing actionable insights. This is the heart of everything we do.

Much of our history has concentrated on the orthopedic market, and our client list entails many of the most prestigious orthopedic practices in the industry. This focus has yielded the world's largest orthopedic data repository with nearly 5 million active patients and over 1 billion data points (both stats growing by the second). We are now applying our learnings to gastroenterology, cardiology and OBGYN as a start, and extending to every surgical specialty in order to build the world's largest multi-specialty database.

We have won client trust and recognition through our unwavering commitment to the security, usability, and reliability of OBERD. Receiving HITRUST certification is one example.

With keen vision on the future of evidence-based medicine and patient wellbeing, OBERD products will continue to revolutionize healthcare. OBERD has tremendous momentum and is well poised to holistically meet the evolving demands of a data-driven world.

Kind regards,

Ali Hussam, PhD
Chief Executive Officer


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