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OBERD WISE Observational Study

OBERD is preparing to conduct a multi-disciplinary observational study called WISE (Wearable Integrated System Events) that engages patients via wearable devices, SMS/IVR messages and email to collect extensive data on outcomes and activities.

We are currently recruiting institutions that will agree to promote the study and enroll participants. The study population will include orthopaedic patients of all ages and genders across all orthopaedic procedures. 

OBERD WISE – Smart Data Collection Study

“We believe this will be the new standard for individualized care.”



Michael Suk, MD JD MPH

Chairman, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Geisinger and study Principal Investigator

OBERD WISE – Smart Data Collection Study
OBERD WISE – Smart Data Collection Study

Request for Participation

• Global Study to validate utilization of continuous ambient data sources to monitor and manage chronic health conditions

• How consumer wearable devices may populate PROM forms and partially automate compliance and enhance physician engagement

• Sharing of retrospective data to enhance predictive capabilities

• Integration of patient-defined outcomes (PDO) to fortify patient perception

• Study to run 2-3 years, with 6-month assessments

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The Future: Smart Outcomes Data Collection

• Improved patient outcomes through the collection of relevant data and better patient-provider communication

• Predictive modeling using global registries & benchmarking

• 24/7 data collection using wearable devices

• Transparent, timely communication through email/SMS