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Import & Export

It’s your data.
Use it.

OBERD tools give you unrestricted, real-time access to your data. Whether you need dashboard reporting, high-level aggregate data, or raw numbers, use OBERD Dispatch and OBERD Mountain to access what you need.

And, using OBERD DataStream, we can help you seamlessly import legacy to get you up and running without missing a beat for your patients’ care.

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Better Data.

Better Outcomes.

Importing historic data has never been more straightforward. With OBERD’s new automatic data import technologies, you can input multiple data assets into a central registry. And with intelligent filters, outcomes responses & scores, EMRs and Practice Management data, and data from other repositories can be seamlessly transitioned, preserving critical data integrity.

OBERD Dispatch allows providers and institutions to access their data immediately, 24/7, at no additional charge. Protocol-specific exporting allows users to pull data points tied to an order set or study. 

Beginning Q1 2017, OBERD will unveil “Mountain,” a revolutionary new reporting system allowing unprecedented and infinite reporting and data comparison capabilities, including benchmarking against the vast de-identified data-set stored in OBERD. Users will be able to generate stunning visualizations, define protocols, and tailor reporting to meet their specific needs with smart filters.

Also beginning Q1 2017, OBERD will release the MIPS Dashboard, specifically built for institutions to monitor, in real-time, the status of their Performance Quality to date. The dashboard may help providers and practices maximize reimbursement potential by using the data to recalibrate their operations and improve on specific measures.

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Data Import

Seamlessly import legacy data — even for patients actively on a treatment timeline. You will work with OBERD staff in a QA environment during import to ensure 100% accuracy, prior to final import. And if necessary, you can “undo” the import and start fresh. 

Data Export

With OBERD, you can export data, visualize protocols, and benchmark against de-identified data from millions of responses and scored outcomes forms. 

Benefits of OBERD Export Platforms