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Prestigious Registries

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World renowned registries powered by OBERD

Driving new standards to elevate patient outcomes, the industry and your practice

OBERD understands the complex world of high-level quality improvement initiatives, and the challenge of connecting collaborators from all over the globe. Our multi-center and integrated framework make it easy to acquire the data you need for clinical studies and registries. We leverage field expertise and proprietary algorithms to automate data collection protocols designed to reduce patient and staff burden. These processes enhance patient engagement and streamline workflow.

Based on OBERD’s shared platform concept, our intuitive dashboards and raw data exports with filter options bring you the most comprehensive view of study data in the industry. Role-based custom reports can be prescheduled for routine delivery for ultimate transparency. We also offer a PhD led data science team to facilitate unique deep dives into the data.

The system flexibly and securely provides visibility into an entire ecosystem of patient reported and objective data, across institutions and even sub-specialties.

The following are some of the next generation multi-center repositories we support.