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Precision Assessment Tools

OBERD Outcomes data collection solutions

OBERD can capture patient-reported outcomes (PRO) data to inform evidence-based care and demonstrate value. Whether analyzing your own institution's data, or benchmarking across data collected from over 4 million patients, we provide tools to help you identify predictors that can lead to better health outcomes.

OBERD Outcomes

Using Precision Assessments to Improve Outcomes:

ECRRI Timeline

  1. Engage patients, with scientifically shortened, easily accessible, and easy to complete forms.
    • OBERD is making completion times quicker with Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT), making forms accessible from any device with email and text message access points, and using principles of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) to make form completion as easy as possible.

  2. Collect Outcomes data, with automated functionality to reduce the burden on staff.
    • Utilizing existing systems to feed data directly into OBERD allows practices to collect PROMs data on patients without additional steps.

  3. Review your findings, through easily accessible reports.
    • Available 24-7 with ability for automated delivery to your inbox providing simplified monitoring.

  4. Refine your process, let the data tell the story.
    • Using the data to define best practices and making adjustments as needed is the core result of collecting actionable data.

  5. Improve your Outcomes, with evidence-based decisions.
    • It is known that something that is measured will improve, but something that is measured and reported will improve exponentially.

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Evidence-based reporting from OBERD offers on-demand exports, pushed reports, and custom queries to give you the ability to measure, evaluate, and improve the care you provide.

Simplified PROMs Data from OBERD

Learn how OBERD helped Twin Cities Orthopedics to:

  • Increase new patient visits by 14% (per physician)
  • Grow its commercial bundles from 300 to 1300
  • Collect over 380,000+ simplified OBERD PROMs forms

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Dr. Hamann used OBERD to collect patient-reported outcomes data on all surgical patients and utilized it to optimize his practice.

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