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Patient Satisfaction

Improve and grow your practice by quantifying patients' experience with digital questionnaires. Adopt standard questionnaires or create your own. You'll also boost your online presence on sites like Google Reviews, HealthGrades and more.

Measure patient experience to boost online reviews

Measure patients' likelihood to recommend your practice. Generate more online reviews with reputation management.

Use validated surgical satisfaction instruments such as PASS and standardized patient experience instruments such as CG-CAHPS.

Group Logos

What do satisfaction scores tell you about your care?

With OBERD you can select the survey that provides the data you need to track your Key Performance Indicators. Compare and track satisfaction trends across physicians, groups, and institution. You can even benchmark against other OBERD users and CMS data (CG-CAHPS). Drill down to the individual question level to find out what's really making the difference for your patients and empower your physicians to provide the highest quality care.

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