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Optimized Data

Optimize your data volume, quality and completeness through electronic delivery and engaging form styles provided by OBERD Outcomes. OBERD leverages over a decade of experience in empowering leading medical institutions to collect optimal patient-reported outcomes (PRO) data to help quantify the value of your services.

Outcomes Visualizations

Get direct access to the data you need, when you need it most. With a variety of options to view your PRO data, Patient Score Trends allow providers to chart and graph a patient’s progress in real-time. Using machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), our precision assessment tools allow you to take it one step further by contextualizing PRO score changes over time, compared to patients like them. Aggregate reporting features promote cross-institution collaboration with benchmarking initiatives.

Outcomes Visualizations
Patient Satisfaction

Advanced Protocols

Use standardized protocols to capture the key measurements on a procedure-by-procedure basis. Customize your data-collection with our advanced protocols to meet the needs of your specific practice and research initiatives. Compare yourself and your practice to our global database with over 1 billion data points.

Data Exports

Fuel external systems with robust data sets to provide valuable insights, using customizable and automated exports of raw data assessments. Research-focused practices have 24/7 access to their raw data.

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OBERD's Active Track wearables app allows providers to monitor patients remotely by collecting a host of data through tracking your steps, calories burned, quality of sleep, heart rate, and a host of biometrics. Gain unique insights from reports to accurately diagnose, provide personalized treatments and improve outcomes.