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Package features




Functional PROMs

Fixed set of patient-reported outcomes measures, for a fixed set of procedures, distributed at fixed time intervals

Benchmark by individual or group

View and rank patient engagement and PROM scores by provider, procedure, group, or specialty, regional or global.

Standard surgical forms

Surgical documentation forms to capture intra-operative data including implants and medication

Data export with filters

Customizable and automated exports of raw data assessment, verification, and integrity filters

Wearable device data collection

Collect everyday activity data via wearable activity trackers and/or cell phones.

Surgical satisfaction

Choose from North American Spine Society satisfaction (NASS) or Patient Acceptable Symptom State (PASS).


FDA-11-compliant patient reported and guardians consenting with eSignature that supports minors and witnesses

Precision assessment tools

Set expectations and guide recovery with contextualized PRO scores at the patient level, comparing patients preprocedure and postprocedure.

Standard advanced reports

Our data science team generates automated reports and pushes them to all members.

Vast library of custom PROs

Collect any validated PRO form from OBERD's vast licensed library, with real-time scoring and reporting, or create your own custom form.

Custom reports

Work with OBERD experts to filter, visualize, and benchmark your data. Customizable scheduled reports are generated and sent to your inbox or by text message.

Staff-facing alerts

Real-time alerts to intervene on adverse events, ignored questions, score threshold, missed therapies, and more

Clinical satisfaction

Measure patient experience using your choice of standard satisfaction surveys.

Patient scorecards

Get real-time feedback after every completed form. Contextualize data for patients using user-friendly scorecards.

Advanced surgical forms

Customizable staff-facing forms to capture operative data elements of your choosing by procedure



Included in all plans

Substantial discount and price protection for years two and three

Guaranteed monthly rates for the first three years

Branding by institution

Tailor your message to patients via e-mail and text message.

Automated reporting dashboards

Create, save, and schedule reports to be released to staff. Reports support global trending, visualization, and more.

Computer adaptive testing (CAT)

Use machine-learning programs to find patterns and reduce the number of questions per form.

Customized patient messaging

View template-specific analytics that allow you to track the effectiveness of your custom patient messaging.

Manual patient enrollment

Effectively enroll new patients and create new appointments easily.

Add-On modules/features

Outcomes-Based Care Pathway with SMS

Care Pathway with evidence based/PRO data feed from OBERD global database. Also educational content and patient notifications sent to patients in the pre- and post-acute periods via email and SMS text-message.

Quality of Life PROMs Standalone

Standardized QoL forms (PROMIS-10, VR/SF-12 and CAT) collected at standard timepoints for a any set of procedures.

Custom Integration Outbound, Inbound ADT/SIU

OBERD integrates with existing systems to automate data collection and send data where providers need it, including the EMR and/or external repositories.

Data Import with Smart Filters

Import your historical data into OBERD using smart filters that validated data integrity, fomat, and scores before inserting to the production databases.

SMS (Text Messaging)

Send text message notifications and form/appointment reminders to patients allowing access to input data through a mobile browser and/or through text-message form-fill.

MIPS, CJR/AJRR Reporting

Satisfy MIPS Quality and CPIA using OBERD automated tools. Collect data aligned with CJR and AJRR standards with efficient reporting process.

Clinical Intakes

Streamline clinical process and eciencies with digital clinical intake data collection (customize HH, ROS, HPI forms and more), and map data to patient charts in EMR.


Provider-facing media rich digital forms to capture any pre-op, intra-operative, and post-op data elements with support to upload high resolution radiographic images.

Custom Patient Satisfaction with Reputation Management

Customizable patient satisfaction surveys to capture patient experience, NPS and more. Includes OBERD's reputation management solution to promote satisfied patients to share their experience through online rating sites such as Healthgrades, Vitals, Google, and Facebook.

Wearable Device Data Collection

Collect everyday activity data via wearable activity trackers and/or cell phones. Use this data to monitor a patient’s recovery from a procedure or treatment.