Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) can help quantify the value of your services. But only if you have good data. OBERD Outcomes helps you optimize your data volume (through electronic delivery at the patient's convenience), quality (with engaging form styles), and completeness (by achieving high compliance across a longer timespan).

Collect better data for better decisions and better patient outcomes

OBERD Outcomes data collection solutions can capture patient-reported outcomes (PRO) data to inform evidence-based care and demonstrate value. Whether analyzing your own institution's data, or benchmarking across data collected from over a million patients, we provide tools to help you identify predictors that can lead to poor health outcomes.

OBERD Outcomes

We present your data on any device in real-time

OBERD presents your data on any device and in real-time, with dashboards and scorecards that allow you to drill down deeper into your data. The data we collect can empower your practice to identify suboptimal procedures, implants or treatment decisions for specific populations so you can adjust your care. Ultimately, outcomes data can be used to reduce complications and readmissions and improve patient satisfaction with the care you provide.

Providing health data is a personal experience

Patient Engagement

OBERD engages patients to obtain the best possible reported data. Engagement is key to collecting optimal data from the maximum number of patients. Through our simple, engaging forms, we deliver a patient experience that helps close the gap between you and your patient.

  • Choose from an extensive library of validated instruments
  • Forms are available via tablet, smartphone or laptop
  • Delivered to patients in the convenience of their homes
  • Configurable timeline for form delivery
  • Compliance optimized by automatic e-reminders
  • Patient communication branded for your institution

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