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Our Process

Start Collecting PRO Data Within Days

We leverage years of experience to empower many leading national institutions to collect optimal patient-reported outcomes (PRO) data. Starting with our sales process, through to implementation and support, our partners experience the benefits of working with a proven market leader in outcomes data collection. 

Our Process


First we listen. Our process begins by developing a thorough understanding of your needs. Then we propose the most effective, customized solutions to tackle those needs head on. 

Our Process


We make it easy to get started. With our team of expert IT professionals and OBERD’s user-friendly system, the path to smart data collection is quick and easy. 

Our Process


We are with you every step of the way. Our Resolutions Team provides ongoing support whenever you need it. And our educational webinars ensure you remain up-to-date on the latest OBERD features.

Our Process

Understand: We’re Good Listeners

We understand clinical workflows like no other vendor. And we’re in it for the long haul. We want to build a true partnership that starts by understanding your business, your workflows and your data collection needs. So, first we listen, and then we propose solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our Solution Consultants understand the industry, and the drivers for data collection in healthcare. You will meet our expert implementation team, who work directly with some of the leading physicians, surgeons and researchers in the nation, helping them optimize their data collection. You’ll see OBERD in action, and when you’ve made your decision, we’ll work with you to complete the procurement and legal process.

Our Process

Implement: Data Collection Made Simple

OBERD solutions offer access to hundreds of licensed outcomes forms (OBERD pays for most fees), many clinical form templates, and a vast library of education modules which you can customize to your specific requirements.

Our Integration experts work with your IT teams (and 3rd party teams) on the technical needs, while our Implementation Team helps you choose and build the data collection forms and optimal timelines.

Our user-friendly system can be learned in minutes. Within days you can be collecting patient satisfaction data. And within weeks you can begin collecting outcomes and clinical data, and delivering best-in-class education to your patients. The more resources you can commit, the faster we can implement – we’re ready to go!

Our Process

Support: With You Every Step of the Way

Our Resolutions team is available whenever you need them. For patient or staff inquiries, we have dedicated experts to solve your problems and provide you with information.

We’ll also help you champion OBERD and the value of patient outcomes data collection within your organization, so you can get the most out of OBERD, and realize the full benefit of the data you are collecting.