OBERD Surgical Notes Solution Increases Surgeon Efficiency


Orthopedic surgeons save substantial time entering and referencing surgical notes and other objective patient data with the new OBERD Surgical Notes Solution.

Columbia, Missouri: OBERD, the industry-leading patient-reported outcomes (PRO) vendor, announced a new patient-reported outcomes and surgical intraoperative notes solution that increases the efficiency and accuracy of the surgical data entry.

In partnership with Dr. Joseph Abboud of the Rothman Institute, Dr. Anand Murthi of the Medstar Union Hospital/MedStar Orthopaedic Institute, and Dr. John-Erik Bell an orthopedic surgeon at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, OBERD has developed a system to efficiently collect and manage surgeon-entered and other objective data for shoulder and elbow surgeries.

In this partnership over the past three years, Dr. Abboud, Dr. Murthi, and OBERD have created custom electronic forms for use in easily collecting surgeon and patient data pre-op, during, and following surgical procedures. These forms enable the efficient capture of intraoperative notes, in real-time, through the availability of 3-D images of joints and tissue, standardized phrases, check boxes reflecting the surgical situation, and processes completed.

This solution also captures data from patients about their functionality at various time intervals and supports the inclusion of X-rays and other objective data such as implants used via barcode scanning.

OBERD has also joined with these physicians to create the ShoulderJam registry which houses an abundance of shoulder and elbow surgery outcomes data captured from patients according to designated protocols. This allows for easy integration of many other data sets, notably intraoperative surgical notes, implant data and diagnostic media.

Comparable technology to capture, store and integrate this type of data for all other major orthopedic surgical procedures has been developed by OBERD as well.


These data capture capabilities that have been integrated into virtually all of the current EMR systems. All of the outcomes and surgery data collected is thus available anywhere in the surgeons’ system with the opportunity to easily import other/previous data of relevance.

Dr. Joseph Abboud of the Rothman Institute, indicated that, “The electronic availability and easy completion of these forms and reports has substantially improved the efficiency of our shoulder surgeons to input and reference an abundance of patient and surgical data about the procedures they perform.”


Dr. Anand Murthi of Medstar Union Memorial Hospital/MedStar Orthopaedic Institute, commented that, “Our partnership in achieving this integration has been a strong team effort that provides new opportunities for surgeons to quickly and accurately input and reference their, and their patients’, surgery data in an integrated and highly efficient manner.”

About OBERD (Universal Research Solutions, LLC) OBERD (a.k.a. Universal Research Solutions, LLC) owns, develops, implements and supports outcomes and clinical data collection software systems. OBERD optimizes the data collection necessary to empower evidence-based medical practice, improve the quality and efficacy of care and advance clinical decision-making and patient understanding. OBERD has been collecting patient outcomes data in orthopaedics for over 7 years, with over 10 million scored forms from over 4 million patients in its database. It includes a QCDR, with CMS-approved measures specific to orthopaedics. For more information, visit www.oberd.com, email mailto:info@oberd.com or follow the company on Twitter @oberdnews and LinkedIn.

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