OBERD promotes integrated outcomes at the SRS User Meeting


OBERD is excited to be platinum sponsors at the SRS User Meeting, demonstrating the benefits of a truly automated outcomes solution and single sign-on within an EMR.

Automated patient-reported outcomes can be truly part of the decision-making process and value-based care.

With SRS’ Flexible Data Platform, Integrated Portal solution (powered by InteliChart), and OBERD’s patient-reported outcomes management capabilities, SRS clients will be able to take their patient-centric care to new levels. Now, in addition to collecting information on patient-reported outcomes, specialty medical practices can automate outreach, compare benchmarks, and facilitate reporting—all in an integrated system.

The benefits of this partnership for SRS clients include:

  1. Facilitated evidence-based decision-making
  2. Improved patient experience and care
  3. Higher reimbursements potential
  4. Proven outcomes that position practices as leaders in their field and as preferred strategic care partners for insurance providers and referrers

SRS clients will now be able to collect data to identify optimal treatment decisions for specific populations, and to analyze their own data and benchmark across nationally-collected data to identify protocols that will lead to improved outcomes. By proactively adjusting their care, practices will ultimately reduce complications and costs while improving patient satisfaction and care effectiveness.

"As the healthcare paradigm shifts from physician to patient-centric, the partnership between SRS and OBERD will empower our clients to collect and aggregate patient reported data to lower cost and improve effectiveness of care plans that result in better outcomes,” said Scott Ciccarelli, CEO of SRS Health. “By improving outcomes and demonstrating quality, specialists will help secure their reputations as care leaders in their communities."

“We are thrilled to partner with SRS, whose leadership in HCIT solutions has served many of the world’s best orthopaedic practices,” said Ali Hussam, PhD, CEO of OBERD. “Together, we will help these specialists improve—and prove—their outcomes so that they can increasingly make the right clinical decision the first-time, their practices remain profitable, and their patients know where to go for the best results.”



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