OBERD presents at ICHOM 2017 Australasian Forum


The International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) will feature Columbia, MO-based OBERD at its 2017 Australasian Forum. The Forum, "Catalysing the Value Agenda," will explore and advance the global transition to a more transparent, value-based approach to healthcare. OBERD's presentation is entitled "Technology and Infrastructure: Enabling Outcomes Measurement."

OBERD will discuss the transformational impact technology is making on patient-reported outcomes data collection. OBERD will also preview emerging data analysis technologies that demonstrate the power of predictive healthcare tools.

"We are on the cusp of revolutionizing how physicians can leverage massive amounts of information that comes directly from the patient," says Ali Hussam, Founder and CEO of OBERD. "We recognize the critical importance of rich data sets in advancing patient-centered healthcare."

To facilitate a unified collection of data across multiple specialties, OBERD is aligning its registries with ICHOM along with other consortia to assemble an evidenced-based framework built on consensus-based standardization. Already featuring the world's largest database of orthopaedic patient-reported outcomes, OBERD looks to the harmonization of outcome measurement to expand the depth and richness of its healthcare database offerings, and the value this can provide to the industry.

OBERD will also be represented by their South Pacific distribution partners, Logic Plus Pty Ltd. Based in Adelaide, LogicPlus provide sales, marketing, hosting and support services for OBERD in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore.

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