OBERD Presents at Oxford University Innovation Technology Showcase


This week, OBERD will present at the Oxford University Innovation Technology Showcase with an exhibit entitled: Addressing Challenges in Chronic Disease with Integrated Technology. OBERD’s poster, “Envisioning a Smarter Future” highlights innovative solutions using wearable devices for health outcomes data collection.

Referencing a real-world case of chronic knee pain for a 56 year-old woman that required multiple procedures, the OBERD exhibit envisions a future in which smart outcomes data collection will transform the patient experience and significantly improve outcomes. The exhibit also features “smart vision” points that highlight the advantages of outcomes data collection, predictive modeling and OBERD’s WISE (Wearable Integrated System Events) model, which features 24/7 data collection through wearable devices.

“This technology may allow us to provide a more complete picture of an individual’s recovery and ultimately lead to better outcomes,” said Dr. Ali Hussam, CEO of OBERD. “With timely alerts and increased feedback on a patient’s recovery, the system can stimulate patient-provider interaction throughout the care journey and empower more effective, evidence-based care.”

OBERD will also be promoting an upcoming multi-disciplinary observational study that will engage patients via wearable devices, text messages and email to collect extensive data on outcomes and activities. The study will be conducted in partnership with Geisinger Health System. Michael Suk, MD JD MPH, chairman of Geisinger’s Department of Orthopaedic Surgery will serve as the Principal Investigator.

“We believe this will be the new standard for individualized care,” said Michael Suk.


About Universal Research Solutions (OBERD)

Universal Research Solutions (a.k.a. OBERD) owns, develops, implements and supports the OBERD (Outcomes Based Electronic Research Database) system. Founded in 2009, OBERD has been collecting patient outcomes data in orthopaedics for over 5 years, with over 6 million scored forms, from over 1.5 million patients, in its database. It includes a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR), with CMS-approved measures specific to orthopaedics. To learn more, visit www.oberd.com or follow the company on Twitter @oberdnews and LinkedIn.

ABOUT Oxford University Innovation

Oxford University Innovation (OUI) seeks to launch innovative ideas, invest in new ventures and provide innovation management services to clients around the world. Learn more at https://innovation.ox.ac.uk/.

The 2016 Oxford Technology Showcase will highlight the diversity of innovation in healthcare addressing challenges in the field of chronic disease. Learn more at https://innovation.ox.ac.uk/innovation-news/events/technology-showcase-2016/

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