OBERD Announces MIPS Reporting Strategy for All Practice Sizes


OBERD will announce its MIPS Reporting Strategy for all practice sizes at the 2017 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons' (AAOS) Annual Meeting.

OBERD will launch its new "OnBoarding" online enrollment portal, allowing institutions ranging from single physician practices to multi-specialty, multi-location healthcare systems to sign up for patient reported outcome measure (PROM) data collection and MIPS reporting.

This product launch is timely, as CMS has just announced $100 Million for training and education support for small practices to collect and report for MIPS. A recent AAOS survey indicated 57% of practices have 10 or fewer MDs.1

"OBERD has traditionally been an enterprise solution for patient-reported outcomes data collection," said Ali Hussam, Ph.D., CEO and Founder of OBERD. "We're excited to enable robust data collection, and MIPS reporting, for any practice or institution, no matter what size. The majority of practices in the US have been under-served, and we can now help this segment effortlessly meet their MIPs reporting needs."

"OnBoarding" provides online enrollment to OBERD's patient data collection software, designed to capture data for 75% of the Composite Performance Score (CPS) in 2017. OBERD manages Quality and CPIA measures with Zero Staff Intervention after set-up, allowing practices to free-up their staff. OBERD's unique MIPS Performance Dashboard will allow practices to monitor performance real-time, enabling re-calibration and the opportunity to optimize their CPS and reimbursement.

"OBERD's patient-reported outcome forms are aligned with AAOS recommendations," continued Dr. Hussam. "We recognize these are the industry gold standards. We supplement these forms with patient satisfaction and non-surgical education modules, for a low-price solution to meet the MIPS reporting needs of any practice."

OBERD will be attending AAOS 2017 (booth #1809), and showcasing "OnBoarding" and its MIPS Reporting Strategy for all practice sizes.

OBERD to unveil OnBoarding platform at AAOS 2017


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