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CMS recently released proposed changes to the Quality Payment Program (QPP), outlining MIPS changes in 2021 and beyond. Highlights include:

  • Quality performance category

    • Decreased from 45% to 40%
    • Quality Measure adjustments:
      • Changes to 113 existing MIPS quality measures
      • Removal of 11 quality measures - Includes: All-Cause Hospital Readmission measure
      • Additional 2 new administrative claims
        • Includes: Hospital Wide Readmission Measure
  • Cost performance category

    • Decreased from 25% to 20%
  • Improvement Activity Changes

    • Modified 2 existing activities
    • Removed 1 activity
  • Promoting Interoperability

    • Retained PDMP as optional worth 10 bonus points.
  • Performance Threshold

    • Avoid a negative adjustment with a minimum of 60 points.
    • Exceptional performance is 85 points or higher.

In response to COVID-19, these proposed changes will allow flexibility and help providers avoid penalties.

In addition, after recognizing the complexity stakeholders face when reporting MIPS, CMS has committed to changes that will help improve cohesiveness, reduce reporting burden, and make the program more meaningful to providers. Changes will not be felt immediately by providers and groups, however, as CMS will implement these changes over the next few years.

Want this process to be simpler now?

OBERD allows you to collect and report independent of your EMR, to meet 55% of the MIPS Composite Performance Score. After set-up, data collection and reporting requires minimal staff involvement. Michael DeChello, Administrator at Connecticut Orthopaedics (CTO) mentioned that implementing OBERD has helped streamline workflow through the “reduced demand on clinical staff to ask patient questions and input data”. In fact, “OBERD has helped minimize the extra time and steps needed to input quality data into the EHR to outside the clinical setting. The shift allows patients to provide quality measures data using their personal device.” We do it all for you, including managing CMS audits.

CTO was shocked with how straightforward and simple the implementation of OBERD’s platform was for their staff. They stated, “there was minimal onsite training needed.” Both the benefits and implementation process are made to create simplicity for your practice.

OBERD can reduce MIPS complexity for your practice through:

  1. Fully independent reporting system, outside of the EMR, to make it simple on your staff
  2. CMS audit management on your behalf
  3. Continually updated dashboard to monitor and optimize performance
  4. Proactive notification on under-performing providers, to help focus your quality-improvement efforts
  5. Use 1 form to meet specific quality measures and assist in improvement activities through education

To learn more about our MIPS Reporting, click here.

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