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Orthopedic Associates of Hartford achieved a 99.3/100 MIPS Quality score with digital patient intake!

Columbia, Missouri, September 16, 2019:

CMS recently released proposed changes to the Quality Payment Program (QPP), outlining MIPS changes in 2020 and beyond. Highlights include:

  • Quality compliance thresholds increase from 60% to 70%.
  • A minimum of 50% of eligible clinicians (EC) required for Improvement Activities.
  • The minimum score threshold to avoid a negative adjustment will increase from 30 points in 2019 to 45 points in 2020, and 60 points in 2021.
  • The Exceptional Performance threshold will be adjusted from 75-100 points in 2019 to 80-100 points in 2020, and 85-100 points in 2021.

These proposed changes will put stress on specialty practices who have struggled with collecting quality data often seen as generic or cross-cutting. Fortunately, some groups have implemented innovative solutions that can be replicated elsewhere.

One such group is Orthopedic Associates of Hartford (OAH) in CT. Guided by Registration and OBERD Supervisor, Kristen Stevens, OAH adopted an OBERD digital patient intake solution, enabling patients to complete forms such as Medical History prior to appointments. Kristen adjusted questions throughout OAH’s intake forms -- capturing MIPS quality measures. As a result, OAH saw gains in clinical efficiency and achieved a Quality score of 99.3/100.

“The OBERD solution was a win-win proposition for us at OAH,” said Tim Taylor, CEO. “Not only do we collect valuable patient-reported outcomes data, but we also have a streamlined intake process with MIPS Quality requirements baked in. It’s seamless and transparent for patients. We’ve seen better documentation of patient history and achieved a positive reimbursement under MIPS in 2018.”

OBERD’s October 3, 2019 webinar will showcase the clinical feature and discuss how to merge a clinical intake solution with a MIPS quality solution.

To learn more about our MIPS Reporting, click here.

About Orthopedic Associates of Hartford Orthopedic Associates of Hartford is one of the largest and most respected orthopedic specialty groups in Connecticut. Over 35 orthopedic specialists provide comprehensive orthopedic treatment and exceptional patient care for injuries and conditions across the orthopedic spectrum. For more information, please visit www.oahct.com.

About OBERD (Universal Research Solutions, LLC) OBERD (a.k.a. Universal Research Solutions, LLC) owns, develops, and implements outcomes and clinical data collection software. OBERD optimizes the data collection necessary to empower evidence-based medical practice, improve the quality and efficacy of care and advance clinical decision-making. For more information, visit www.oberd.com, email mailto:info@oberd.com or follow the company on Twitter @oberdnews and LinkedIn.

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