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OBERD announces “effortless EMR Independent” MIPS compliance strategy

Posted by Blake McWilliams on 2017-01-26

OBERD has announced its “EMR Independent” strategy for healthcare providers, designed to eliminate staff resources needed for MIPS (Merit-based Incentive Payment System) compliance. The approach offers providers a path to 75% MIPS reporting of the Quality and CPIA (Clinical Practice Improvement Activity) components with little to no staff intervention.

Through OBERD’s comprehensive analysis of MIPS and deep consultations with CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicare Services), the company has curated precision patient reported outcome measures (PROMS) that when reported through OBERD’s qualified clinical data registry (QCDR), offers providers a new tool to reduce operational costs.

In addition to the strategy’s reporting efficiencies, OBERD’s registries provide large data sets for benchmarking, research, and quality improvement initiatives. The company’s forthcoming MIPS dashboard will enable customers to monitor, in real time, Quality Performance Scores throughout a performance year, enabling optimization of reimbursement calculations.

“We are eager to share our extensive MIPS compliance research with our customers. Once installed, our solution removes the need for providers to allocate valuable staff resources towards compliance with the Quality and CPIA components of MIPS,” said Dr. Ali Hussam, CEO of OBERD. “We think its crucial that providers understand the efficiencies that are embedded within the new regulations.”

OBERD revealed the “effortless EMR Independent” strategy in a webinar on January 31st, 2017. Download the webinar