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Hinsdale Success Story - Improving Clinic Workflow to Efficiently Collect PRO Forms During Follow-Up Patient Visits

Posted by Lauren Keeran on 2018-11-21

Hinsdale Orthopaedics needed to increase PRO form completion rate for follow-up patient visits. The OBERD team recommended they focus on clinic encounters as a prime opportunity to collect incomplete forms from patients. Using OBERD's at-a-glance color-coded dashboards, front desk staff were able to quickly and simply monitor patients' form compliance and identify forms not yet completed. Joe Ornelas, PhD, Director of Research indicated that this solution notably increased compliance rates and saved time and effort.

Issue/Opportunity: Improve clinic workflow to efficiently collect PRO forms during follow up patient visits.

OBERD Solution: The OBERD PRO collection solution was deployed to increase the completion rate of PRO forms for follow-up patient visits. The “view appointments” capability in the OBERD system was used to check the patient visit schedule a day ahead of time and determine whether or not a patient has completed assigned forms for that follow up interval. If not, after sending two manual reminders, our clinic staff was alerted to provide these select patients with an iPad in the exam room during their visit, to ensure they complete any open forms. In some cases, patients had completed a portion of the form; in these instances the ipad version of the form continued from where the patient left off thus not requiring them to duplicate their efforts. The clinic staff offers patients assistance if needed to complete the forms with a request to complete the open forms before seeing the doctor, which occurs in nearly all instances.

Results: The OBERD solution capability and this process has enabled our clinic to reduce staff time needed for follow up with such patients over the phone, and has boosted their PRO survey completion rate and follow-up eligibility for cases used in research studies.

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