Elevate your practice with the Ultimate Feedback Loop

OBERD has a suite of reporting tools to help you analyze and optimize your practice for growth. These range from our “Mountain” interface providing intuitive customizable dashboards and automated reports to our “Dispatch” tool for downloading extensive raw data.

Whether it’s patient outcomes, practice recognition, or payor negotiations, OBERD is capable of mining your patient’s responses to develop reports providing you with insights and guidance.

Mountain Automates Analysis and Reporting

  • An intuitive dashboard shows your compliance, your patient’s outcomes and other key performance indicators for taking your practice to new heights.
  • Identify trends for treatment improvement
  • Generate in-depth queries or run standard reports based on pre-built comparative views
  • Compare patients with similar biometrics or co-morbidities
  • Measure yourself against top practices around the world
  • Leverage your results for marketing and payer negotiations
Export Data

Export Data Easily

distributed to staff automatically
  • OBERD’s “Dispatch” export tool provides deep dive mechanism for root cause analysis and answering very granular questions.
  • Customizable and automated raw data exports.
  • Available 24/7.
  • Access to the comprehensive data-sets being collected through automated protocols.

Benchmark & Market Yourself

with Quality Measured Doctors
  • View practice ranking and individual outcomes performance, with procedure volume, trended across all intervals
  • Comparative views with PROMs, medical history, treatment data, and patient satisfaction data to provide a true holistic measure of quality
Patient Scorecards

Keep Patients Informed

with Patient Scorecards
  • Real-Time feedback after every filled form
  • Contextualized outcomes, care pathways and satisfaction data for patients using scorecards
  • Patients stay well informed of their progress compared to patients like them