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Computer Adaptive Testing

OBERD’s computer-adaptive tests provide highly accurate outcomes measurement with fewer questions asked to the patient. In addition to all PROMIS, OBERD has IKDC, FAAM, and many other CAT forms.

Fewer questions
Fewer questions
Highly accurate
Highly accurate
Artificial Intelligence
Using Artificial Intelligence


OBERD’s methods, based on machine learning with predictive modeling, differ from those employed by the MCAT test or most other adaptive systems in their ability to produce CAT versions of existing forms. OBERD’s CAT measures produce scores that are fully interchangeable with standard instruments used today, with a 40%-60% saving in patient effort.

CAT Stats
CAT Chart

OBERD CAT publications

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Precision assessment tools from OBERD offer contextualized reports that indicate how a patient’s reported outcome compares to patients like them, allowing you to provide precision treatment and assessment of the patient.

Simplified PROMs Data from OBERD

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  • Increase new patient visits by 14% (per physician)
  • Grow its commercial bundles from 300 to 1300
  • Collect over 380,000+ simplified OBERD PROMs forms

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Dr. Harmann used OBERD to collect patient-reported outcomes data on all surgical patients and utilized it to optimize his practice.

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