OBERD CAT Reduces the Question Burden for Patients

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OBERD’s CAT uses standard instruments and machine learning with predictive modeling to measure scores that are fully interchangeable. Save 40%-60% in patient effort.


With OBERD’s collaborative registries and studies

The OBERD framework provides sophistication in an easy to use format for studies, multi-center registries and clinical trials to connect collaborators around the world.


Go further than the AAOS recommended set

Explore a plethora of other subsets of standard data, ranging from Oxford, ASES/SST Combined CAT, iHOT-12 CAT and more.

API Specs

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Utilize OBERD CAT with your data collection tools in your own environment. Easily subscribe to the API and quickly start to benchmark with large sets of collected data.


Convert your PRO to CAT Today!

Leverage proprietary algorithms for CAT forms and start seeing a reduction in patient and staff burden, enhanced experience, and streamlined workflow. Learn more about exploring other subsets of standard data.


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Integrate more with OBERD CAT API

API Specifications

Getting started with OBERD's CAT API

OBERD CAT API can be serviced through your EMR

100% Interoperability - Use your own collection tools with CAT API
CAT API Integrates into all systems

Convert your PRO to CAT

What We Need:
  • A copy of the questionnaire and the scoring algorithms.
  • A sample set of completed, de-identified questionnaires collected from actual patients.
    • Each completed questionnaire should include answers to all questions and preferably the score. We recommend that this data set contain a reasonable number of subjects for the training AI set.
  • Questionnaires should not come from distinct patients.
  • Both pre-op and post-op data are present in the set.
  • Spreadsheet for transmitting this information in which each row is a different administration of the instrument and the columns record the answers to the questions (as well as the score if available).
  • There should be no means for OBERD or any outside party to determine the identity of these patients. Do not include names, telephone numbers, social security numbers, or private health information in the material that you send. Each record can be labeled by a patient identifier interpretable only by you.
  • Written assurance that your patients are comfortable with the use of the questionnaires, when de-identified and aggregated with those of other patients for improving medical practice.
  • A full proposal about how to CAT your PRO will be provided prior to doing so.
  • Your CAT PRO can be added to the CAT API for use by others. There are options that we can discuss about how it will be used by others.

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