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Elevate your practice with OBERD

OBERD is the leading patient intelligence software that captures and measures patient-reported outcomes across every touchpoint, providing the ultimate feedback loop.

With clinically objective data from OBERD you can:

  • Catch complications early
  • Show patients their recovery and track improvements
  • Improve practice marketing
  • Optimize payor negotiations
  • Collect valuable feedback at every patient touchpoint

Learn why it's the leading PROMs platform

Case study: Dr. Hamann at the Columbia Orthopaedic Group

Dr. Hamann used OBERD to collect patient-reported outcomes data on all surgical patients and utilized it to optimize his practice.

Case Study

What our customers are saying:


The collection and use of patient-reported data has positioned us as a leader in our market in part because others do not have this data...


We've seen better documentation of patient history and achieved a positive reimbursement under MIPS in 2018.


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