Twin Cities Orthopedics Success Story - Adopting OBERD's User-Friendly PRO Solution


Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO), a leading group practice in Minnesota and Wisconsin, is known for excellence. TCO’s team of highly skilled physicians are dedicated to meeting patients’ needs and getting them back to an active lifestyle as quickly and safely as possible.


Prior to adopting OBERD, Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO) did not have a data use strategy. TCO wanted a system that helped demonstrate why “TCO is the best in orthopedic care” in their market. Performance success was determined by external data sources and perception from hospitals, state reporting agencies, federal programs, and payers.

OBERD Solution:

TCO began using OBERD in 2016 to gather meaningful and measured insights from patients, relying heavily on the value-based care expertise of its managed services partner, Revo Health (Revo). Together, they molded TCO’s OBERD setup to the unique needs of its practice and clinic workflow. Before long, with guidance and support from Revo’s expert analysts in collaboration with TCO physicians and leadership, the practice had meaningful data to objectively debate solutions for quality improvement, operational enhancements, efficiency, marketing and more. OBERD’s leading patient intelligence solution, highlighted by its [Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT)](/solutions/computer-adaptive-testing/ forms, enables group medical practices, hospitals, and networks to easily capture and report on patient data for meaningful insights. These insights create a consistent feedback loop that optimizes outcomes by understanding the patient experience.


“We know our practice would not be where it is today without the focus on data reporting from our patients.” -Rachel Uzlik, Revo Health

After go-live, Revo and TCO collaborated with OBERD experts to build a comprehensive reporting structure. With Revo Health’s analytics, reporting expertise and services, TCO’s physicians took OBERD’s patient-reported data to an entirely new level. TCO substantially increased new patient visits by 13% over a three-year period, on a per-physician basis. It has also broadened the number of direct employer relationships in the same time period, and dramatically grown its risk-sharing bundles with commercial payers.

In its recent 2019 Year-in-Review, TCO found a staggering 99% patient satisfaction in key areas:

  • 99% of patients reported confidence in their treatment care
  • 99% of patients stated the time and care they received met or exceeded their expectations.
  • 99% of patients would recommend TCO to family and friends.

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Aligning the trifecta of OBERD’s leading patient engagement and data collection platform, Revo professional services, and world-class physicians and staff, TCO has become a juggernaut in its market and a national beacon of how to properly execute on value-based care.

As leaders in the industry, Revo Health experts enabled TCO to realize that Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) data are so much more than validated measures traditionally confined to use for research. Instead, TCO expanded on the application of PROM data to learn, “are your patients telling you how you are doing (good, bad, or otherwise) and how their lives have changed.” This relevant and personalized data can be valuable in setting patients’ expectations prior to a therapy or intervention, and guiding recovery post-treatment. With 2.4 million patient reported outcomes scores, TCO is able to answer patients’ questions before they even walk through the door. Revo has replicated this model for value-based success for group practices large and small across the U.S.

Furthermore, PROs help assess the current success of the organization through provider evaluations. In a recent interview, Rachel Uzlik stated that, “it was important for TCO to build an environment where providers felt comfortable discussing the meaning of the result and received constructive recommendations which produced results; doctors started proactively asking for their reports.” Through creating a collaborative environment, providers were able to encourage, support, and learn from each other.

With over 14.64 million completed patient outcomes forms and 1.12 billion data points, OBERD is the largest musculoskeletal outcomes database in the world. This data provides performance benchmarking to create predictive care modules, articulate delivered value for bundled payment programs and support research projects and publications with a high level of confidence and granularity. Through comparing and tracking satisfaction and outcomes across physicians, groups, and institutions, one can find a true holistic measure of quality.

Measuring quality requires practice. In an interview, TCO discussed how crucial it was not to overburden patients at the start. They found the most valuable information came from custom forms, because it provided the “best insights and depth of information.” They further acknowledged that the hardest part is not starting, but keeping engagement for the first 1-2 years. Along the way of retrieving insights, they found, “opportunities in small elements of the information captured to share with [their] invested partners.” Leveraging these insights, TCO was able to market and showcase the return on investment early on.

TCO leaders noted they chose OBERD because “none were willing to join the ride and innovate healthcare change like we were interested in doing. OBERD never shied away from our asks, especially when we came to the table with a concept that impacted the patient directly.” With keen vision on the future of evidence-based medicine and patient wellbeing, OBERD products will continue to revolutionize healthcare.

To view TCO’s 2019 Year-in-Review, click here.

To learn more about how Revo Health can help put your data to use, click here.

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