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Orthobiologics have evolved as a promising option to surgery for many orthopedic and pain related morbidities. This field of treatment is growing however credible data of efficacy and acceptance is needed to gain FDA approval, insurer payment, broader physician use and patient confidence. Practices using biologics need to communicate their use and value more effectively.

Issue/Opportunity: Growing and Credentialing the use of Orthobiologics

OBERD Solution: OBERD created a specialized registry in collaboration with Regen Health Solutions to store, benchmark and report outcomes from patient experiences with biologics treatments. It is an independent, standardized, transparent registry used to track outcomes in the use of biologics.

Results: The Regenerative Orthobiologics Registry (ROR) membership has been growing rapidly. The opportunity to collect orthobiologics procedural data and outcomes via the registry’s resources securely and in a HIPAA-compliant way, with no practice disruption is very attractive. The ability to benchmark outcomes with other industry leading physicians for performance monitoring and improvement is also of great interest. Further, the ability to provide data on an individual physician and practice basis to use for practice growth efforts with referral sources, patients, and payers is quite appealing. Perhaps most importantly, the ability to have data-driven conversations with patients about the potential and realized outcomes from biologics procedures builds patient understanding and confidence with this approach. Finally, the ROR registry is expected to evolve quickly to a substantial and credible source of biologics treatment metrics for use in achieving regulatory approval and payer reimbursement.

As of September, 2018 the ROR registry has collected more than 15,000 forms from members’ patients with a capture rate of more than 75%. Results to date indicate that three out of four patients indicate that their biologic procedure helped them, and two out of three patients indicated they would choose to have the procedure again if given the option. Within the past year, data from the registry has been presented at eight major medical conferences by physicians who have used biologics and assessed their use via registry data.

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