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Ed Heinle, Project Coordinator at Geisinger Health, a valued OBERD client, came to us with a problem. Geisinger needed a way to educate patients in order to set appropriate expectations for their care. We suggested the OBERD CareGuide as well as PRO data collection as a solution. Below, Ed discusses how OBERD addressed these concerns and how the combined solutions resulted in improved patient engagement, compliance tracking, and patient satisfaction scores.

Educating Patients on Practice Expectations OBERD

OBERD Solution: OBERD deployed its CareGuide solution alongside standard PRO data collection to address this interest we expressed. CareGuide is a digital application that allows patients to view and interact with voice-narrated and other types of media. Content can be customized to serve whatever educational and/or quality (e.g. readmission reduction) purpose desired. We are currently using it to prepare new patients on the type of service to expect from us, but we hope to soon take advantage of the procedure-specific, sophisticated options such as the ability to compare normal, abnormal and surgically-repaired anatomy using rotatable models and therapy videos during recovery. Patients are able to review the educational modules on any digital device that can access the Internet. This solution provided patients with easily consumable and very engaging information, specific to the procedure recommended by their physician.

Results: This experience allowed patients to better understand our Geisinger processes and procedures and therefore, feel more comfortable as a new patient who must, at times, navigate an enormous healthcare system. Patients report greater confidence in their Geisinger physicians as a result of this material.

To learn more about our CarePathway Solution, CareGuide click here.

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