Dr. Hamann at the Columbia Orthopaedic Group Success Story - OBERDs Precision Assessment Module


Dr. Joshua Hamann, a highly skilled sports medicine surgeon at Columbia Orthopaedic Group in Columbia, Missouri, works with patients from all walks of life to treat sports-related injuries and return people to their active lifestyles. His analytical and patient-centered approach drove his decision to collect patient-reported outcomes (PRO) data on all surgical patients and to utilize that data in 1:1 patient consultations for expectation setting and guiding recovery.

Prior to collecting patient-reported outcomes data, Dr. Hamann had little hard data to show patients their progress (or lack thereof) during recovery.

OBERD Solution:
Dr. Hamann began collecting patient-reported outcomes data with OBERD in 2018 and in 2019, adopted OBERD’s Precision Assessment Module (PAM) to demonstrate to patients what their PRO scores are and what they mean in the broader context of other patients with similar injuries.

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Results: The OBERD platform helps Dr. Hamann improve his patient outcomes by transforming patient feedback and objective clinical data into insights. Dr. Hamann is focused on the patients' experience where he is able to show their individual scores and trends prior to surgery and throughout recovery. This allows patients to set their expectations for recovery and compare to similar cases.

OBERD provides a data collection platform in order to help practices streamline patient experience. In a recent interview with Dr. Hamann, he explained, “Now, I can tell you I've done this procedure x amount of times because here's how many patients have been telling me how they're doing after this procedure. I think hard data on my patients is extremely valuable.” Dr. Hamann is now able to comfort his patients by explaining in previous cases, “72% of patients report none or mild difficulty while rising from sitting, 6 months after the surgery.” OBERD's PAM feature enables users to see patient PRO scores relative to similar cases.

OBERD users have access to data visualization tools that provide an honest representation of how patients are doing. Dr. Hamann states, “When they're behind a closed door answering questions that's more honest than when I'm in the room and they're trying to make me feel good or they're trying to tell themselves they are doing well.” OBERD collects data points through simple questionnaires completed from patients’ smartphone or tablet. The ability for patients to complete questionnaires on their own, quickly, leads to a higher degree of accuracy for data collection. Specifically, OBERD’s Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) forms save 40-60% in patient effort.

The most beneficial factor for Dr. Hamann has been the ability to observe trends in his data. OBERD’s custom dashboards deliver meaningful and measured metrics that let users know what is working and what isn’t. He states, “I’m patiently waiting to collect enough data points to get to a point where we can use it, that's been the most worthwhile for me personally. From the patient’s side I think it's us having confidence in our data and being able to use it the way that it helps people.”

With simple workflow integration, OBERD supports Dr. Hamann by providing PRO collection with accurate, insightful, and real-time data to give guidance and confidence to patients while also growing his practice. OBERD is beneficial for those who want to increase patient satisfaction and be more knowledgeable about their patient care performance.

To learn more about our Precision Assessment Module, click here.

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