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Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center Continuing Development of Capabilities to Improve the Capture and Use of Intra-operative Data

Issue/Opportunity: Continuing Development of Capabilities to Improve the Capture and Use of Intra-operative Data

ASMI works closely with Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopediac Center work to create a culture that continuously uses innovative ways to improve clinic operations, performance and patient care. We wanted to enhance our ability to track surgeries and capture a wide range of intra-operative data from physicians to use in concert with our PRO data to inform our improvement initiatives. Previously we had experienced many surgical paper forms not being completed, partially completed, or incomprehensibly completed by physicians, in large part because the forms had to be completed on paper.

OBERD Solution: ASMI adopted the OBERD digital solution for the presentation and completion of forms relevant to our clinic’s surgeries from our physicians and clinic staff. In this digital deployment OBERD worked closely with our staff and created our innovative and efficient electronic surgical forms that are completed by appropriate surgical staff and physicians. The surgical forms provided to physicians included highly interactive visual anatomy charts which facilitated physicians’ completion of the desired intra-operative data with greater detail than ever.

Result: Our physicians very much enjoy using the interactive anatomy charts to reference in completing their forms and improved the amount of details given for each surgery. Further, our physicians appreciated the use of OBERD’s proprietary Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) technology to filter out questions and entire sections of the form that do not apply to the specified surgery. This allows the form to carry a better aesthetic and makes completing the form feel seamless. While the staff members completing form are actually answering more questions about each surgery, the smooth workflow creates a faster feeling.

Our research team is where the change to electronic surgical forms is felt the most. The research team saves approximately 5 hours a week on entering paper surgical form information into another system. OBERD allows the doctors to select options and type in extra needed details. We no longer have to interpret acronyms, slang, misspellings, or poor handwriting.

The patients’ completion of forms pre- and post-surgery allow our clinic to identify unique viewpoints of their recovery that could be matched with surgery details by way of approach and medical devices deployed. This latter ability allows us to assess physicians’, deployed surgical materials and surgical technique effectiveness in a more complete, integrated and data-driven way.

The OBERD digital solution also provided us with the opportunity to adjust the deployed forms for new and discontinued techniques. We continue to identify and work on new developments to improve our OBERD software solution and ways to advance our clinic performance and patient care. Our staff was, and continues to be, allowed to drive the creative focus and activities in the development and deployment aspects of the forms and collection process supported by OBERD.

OBERD has become our trusted teammate as we strive to use technology to improve the data collection process for our staff and patients. ASMI and ASMOC continue to push for better processes and the technology to support these processes. OBERD’s capabilities and thorough attention they give to our interests and requests encourages us to expand our utilization of the OBERD suite of products and services as we advance our patient care strategies.

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