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"4.17M active patients, with 13.4M completed Outcomes forms and over 1B data points"

Our clients own their own data. Most of them, also, contribute their de-identified data to what we call the OBERD Global Data Pool. We use that data pool for benchmarking, collaboration, and innovative data science initiatives.

These are benefits other PROM collection vendors simply cannot offer.

CAT and reduced patient burden

Using the vast quantity of data our clients have collected over the last decade, our data science team developed machine learning tools to train the OBERD software how to shorten specific PROMs. The ASES can be computed in 7 questions instead of 11 and the KOOS can be completed in 28 questions instead of 42, to name a few. This provides a significantly reduced patient burden in completing PRO forms. Results from CAT's forms are still valid for research as well.

Global benchmarking

Your PRO scores shouldn’t exist in a vacuum. That’s why OBERD’s reporting tools give users the ability to benchmark PRO scores against de-identified aggregate scores from our global database.

Imagine being able to say, “Dr. A’s average six-month post-op KOOS JR score for Total Knee Arthroplasty is 78, compared to the OBERD global average of 76.”

This level of insight and comparison, levels the playing field nationwide and pushes us all further into the era of put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is marketing.

The future: predictive modeling

At OBERD, we see the current period of uncertainty as a time to double down on innovation and push the envelope. Now, more than ever, it’s important to pioneer new ways to improve patient outcomes while streamlining clinical and practice efficiencies.

In the near future, predictive modeling will become a reality. We will be able to take what we know about a patient (comorbidities, baseline PRO scores, and more) and tell them, based on data, their likelihood of a meaningful recovery and what level of function they can expect to regain.

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