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There is value in collecting patient-reported data. Your clinic will be more efficient when you reallocate staff whose job it is (was) to chase down patients and get them to complete outcomes forms and enter outcomes data into your EMR.

If you’re not already collecting outcomes, you can partner with a PRO vendor to collect outcomes with minimal disruption to your existing workflow.

There is value in patient-reported data collection.

But what do you do with the data after you collect it? We get this question a lot.

"So what?" "Now what?

The answer is never simple and it depends on goals: your practice’s goals, your individual physicians’ goals, your sub-specialty cohorts’ goals, administrative & QA goals, and more.

The best way to to begin is with end in mind. When evaluating a PRO platform consider how you’d like to use PROs data

  • Do you need a comprehensive platform that collects satisfaction, clinic data, AND PROs in order to slice and dice your data by patient demographics? Or compare’ net promoter score with physicians’ outcomes scores?
  • Do you need physicians to view PRO data at the patient level and use trending score views as standard-of-care throughout recovery?
  • Do you need to to have visuals ready when your physicians ask “how am I doing?”
  • Do you need to benchmark your practice’s aggregate KOOS scores against some of the leading orthopaedic institutions in the country?

These are just a few examples of PRO data application. Careful consideration of your end goal will help you calibrate your PRO platform for data visualizations, charts, graphs and views that will make your data meaningful and valuable.

Below are a few sample views from OBERD’s reporting tools:

  1. Sample patient-level view: KOOS, JR scores pre and post, with surgery date represented by the green vertical line.

Why use this: Physicians can use this view in the exam room, with patients, during follow-up visits.


  1. Aggregate benchmarking view: KOOS Jr scores pre and post, by CPT 27447: Physician A (blue) benchmarked against Physician B (orange)

Why use this: visualize a head-to-head comparison of KOOS scores for two physicians performing the same procedure.


  1. Aggregate benchmarking view: KOOS Jr scores pre and post, by CPT 27447: Physician A (blue) benchmarked against the entire institution (orange)

Why use this: benchmark an individual surgeon’s KOOS scores against the rest of the practice, for total knee arthroplasty.


  1. Aggregate benchmarking view: KOOS Jr scores pre and post, by CPT 27447: Sports med group (blue) benchmarked against The entire institution (orange) Physician A (green) Physician B (red)

Why use this: broader view of a provider and the practice as they compare to national averages for internal feedback and/or for market purposes (if we allow for that)


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