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Patients look for value - not just results. According to the National Law Review we are currently seeing the emerging trend of “Leaning In To Value-Based Care.” The article illustrated, “As utilization plummeted during the COVID-19 pandemic, providers who had invested heavily in value-based care have been better able to weather the pandemic and the economic downturn by having a consistent source of revenue despite low utilization.” In addition, with furthered patient education, patients are now looking for better outcomes and experience. OBERD’s focus is on the future with patient reported outcomes as a key component of value.

OBERD’s Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) suite centers on patient engagement and gives users the tools and resources to optimize outcomes. With our user friendly and personalized software you can assess the performance of both your practice and patients. Tools such as outcome visualizations, advanced protocols, and data exports transform objective clinical data into a patient feedback loop with meaningful and measured insights. Our clients have improved practice performance with optimized workflows and enhanced interoperability, enabled strong value messaging to payers, and achieved better outcomes and experiences to keep and attract more patients. In fact, while using OBERD’s PRO software Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO) was able to increase their new patient visits by 14%. Don’t waste valuable collection time. Practices that are not monitoring outcomes, engaging patients and modifying protocols are at risk of losing patients and dollars.

Improve patient experience with OBERD’s Patient Satisfaction Survey module. Tools such as reputation management, referrals, data marketing, and value based reimbursement provide your practice with an upper hand. Reputation management facilitates sharing of patient feedback that promotes your providers and your practice online. Further, with the insight you find you can easily assess patient feedback on value and inform your practice marketing and promotion. In addition, you can measure against other practices by reviewing benchmark data to understand how your practice compares to national leaders. The most important content on a hospital or practice site is patient ratings/reviews of doctors. The power of online reviews has grown exponentially with 88% of consumers saying they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Moreover, not only are patients more demanding when it comes to researching practices and physicians, but payers want proof too. In fact, in 5 years there’s been a seven-fold growth in the number of states implementing value-based reimbursement (VBR) programs. The rise of empowered patient selection and value-focused care is reshaping the healthcare industry. Data collection will quickly go from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have. With OBERD you can stay ahead of the curve and your competition.

With the OBERD Precision Assessment Module providers can compare to patients alike, guide recovery, set expectations, and deliver personalized conversations with your patients. The value is seen through the concrete evidence displayed to patients. As Dr. Hamann from Columbia Orthopaedic Group in Missouri explained in one of our interviews, “Now, I can tell you I've done this procedure x amount of times because here's how many patients have been telling me how they're doing after this procedure. I think hard data on my patients is extremely valuable.” OBERD provides you with tools to help you to improve outcomes with evidence based decisions today.

Achieve what patients are looking for through adding value to your practice with OBERD. OBERD’s PROs, patient satisfaction, and PAM modules provide the tools you need to help identify predictors that can lead to better outcomes for your patients and practice. When combining these three tools, OBERD provides the ultimate feedback loop, allows for benchmarking, and helps you set expectations and guide recovery in order to leverage your practice and streamline the patient experience. Get ahead today and start focusing on the future of healthcare with OBERD’s value based care tools.

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