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Big Data For Meaningful Insights

Our national Musculoskeletal Outcomes Shared Platform (MOSP) is a family of orthopaedic registries offering an unprecedented level of data reported by patients themselves, the ultimate judges of treatment value.

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Rich patient data sets for better decision-making.

OBERD national registries were established to provide large data sets for benchmarking, research, and quality improvement initiatives, and are aligned with OBERD’s mission: To improve the quality and efficacy of care, through the collection and presentation of data that improves clinical decision-making and patient understanding.

OBERD’s Registry module accommodates a rich data set from multiple sources, providing a complete picture of patients’ demographics, health history, episode of care, outcomes, satisfaction, education module audit, and costs associated with their care. Simple to administer and manage, the Registry allows you to build and conduct as many studies as you wish, using an infinite range of filter combinations. Establishing data collection points along timelines, using validated forms drawn from the extensive OBERD library, or customized forms to meet your institution’s specific needs, our Registry yields rich data sets for retrospective mining to support your research needs. 

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Support quality of care improvement

OBERD specialized registries have been established, based on procedure, under specific platforms, starting with: Hip & Knee; Hand & Wrist; Foot & Ankle; Spine; and Sports Medicine. We also offer surgical and non-surgical cross-speciality registries for Quality of Life and Quality of Life & Patient Satisfaction, appropriate for providers in both orthopaedic and non-orthopaedic specialities.