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MIPS Reporting
10 reasons why you should choose OBERD for MIPS reporting:

1. Zero staff involvement, after set-up, for data collection and reporting to CMS
2. EMR independent data collection — no more extra “clicks”!
3. Meet 75% of the CPS with patient-reported outcomes (100% with other OBERD features)
4. Real-time dashboard to monitor and optimize performance
5. Pro-active notification of under-performing providers, to help focus your quality-improvement efforts
6. High compliance (over 85%) to form completion, increasing your opportunity for high CPS
7. CMS audit management on your behalf
8. A single data source to report to: CMS, AJRR, AAOS, and any other registry or organization
9. Benchmarking against over 4 million validated patient outcome forms
10. Research-validated data collection forms (license-paid by OBERD)

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Meet 75% of MIPS

without your EMR

OBERD allows you to collect and report patient-reported measures, independent of your EMR, to meet 75% of the MIPS Composite Performance Score. After set-up, data collection and reporting requires no staff involvement! We do it all for you, including managing CMS audits.

Download a free recording of our recent EHR-Independent MIPS Reporting webinar.

Optimizing MIPS : real-time performance measurement

Our MIPS dashboard gives you real-time access to performance scores. We’ll continually monitor and notify you of under-performing providers’, so you can focus your quality-improvement efforts. We want you to exceed the baseline, and take advantage of the $500 million incentive payments set-aside for exceptional performance.

Preparing a Quality Performance Measurement strategy is critical

Collecting data throughout 2017 enables optimization of CPS

Optimization of CPS affords access to extra financial bonuses

MIPS is designed to encourage and accelerate the transition to a value-based healthcare system. The faster a practice becomes performance measurement proficient, the quicker patient satisfaction and quality of care can be quantified to increase a physician’s CPS. The ability to strategically incorporate quality outcomes measurement instruments strengthens a practice’s financial sustainability and increases growth potential. To incentivise physicians to pro-actively embrace MIPS’ performance measurements, CMS has incorporated additional financial incentives for physicians who achieve performance scores 70 and above.

OBERD is ready to set your practice up to optimize your reimbursements in the first MIPS’ performance year, 2019.

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get you ready to start collecting data January 1, 2017.