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Partners in smart healthcare 

OBERD powers some of the nation’s most prestigious hospital systems, including many high-ranked hospitals for orthopedics. These partners are helping us pioneer a future of smart data collection to transform patient care and improve health outcomes. 


Our Partners in Smart Healthcare

I have been giving all surgical patients outcomes forms pre-op.  OBERD automatically emails patients the same surveys at intervals (3 mo, 6 mo, 1 year, 2 year, etc.). The surveys take 5-10 minutes total and even older non-tech savvy patients find them easy. With this system, it does not add any time at all to clinic visits.  All surveys are completed outside of clinic.

OBERD will provide me with valuable data for research from a large number of patients, with almost no additional work. OBERD is an essential tool as outcomes becomes standard of care.

– David Jaffe, MD –
Foot & Ankle Surgeon, OrthoArizona